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Lucy@ 4:54pm 29-08-2019
I was looking for October 16th-25th? How much would that be. It’s for my cat he’s 4
Sara Ritchie@ 5:40pm 27-05-2019
Was looking for availability from about the 14th of June for 21 days, we are flexible a few days either side. Could you contact me as soon as possible on 07930807688 thank you
Laura Murray@ 3:58pm 10-03-2019
Hi there!

I'd like to book our two year old cat, Annie in for 11th July (Thurs) 2019-27th July (Sat). She's been before back in Oct 2018.
Laura Murray
Replied on: 9:36am 12-03-2019

I have sent you a booking confirmation

Sandra Maxwey@ 9:32pm 05-07-2018
Really happy with the service here, my cat cleo is always very well looked after. Beautiful place out in the country. Well kept and spotlessly clean. The staff take good care of her and I wouldn’t ever go anywhere else.
Ellena Paterson@ 7:24pm 28-01-2018
Just wanted to share and say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone at Aberdeen Pet Resort for taking such great care of my three kitties over Christmas & New Year!!

I can see just how happy they were there and well cared for!

We will definitely be back for future holidays with you all, what a lovely bunch of people!!

Thank you Michael & Super Team!!
Moira Bruce@ 6:43pm 17-05-2017
I was wondering how much it would cost for 2 cats to stay for 2 weeks
Abigail Burgess@ 2:32pm 17-03-2017
Hi, I am looking to find a place for my two cats from 28th March to 31st of March. They need individual accommodation because although they are sisters they do not always get on and would need their own space . This would depend on how big the penthouse accommodation is because they obviously live together and get on well enough. So I would like to know if you have room for them and what the price would be for these date. Thank you
Stephanie@ 4:19pm 21-01-2017
Hi I am looking for a place for my 2 Guinea pigs in November. It would be for 2 weeks could you give me a price please. They would be in together and can you also tell me what I need to put out with them please.
George Fettes@ 4:14pm 15-11-2016
I am looking at putting my cat Hugo he is a cream Ragdoll he has stayed with you before I am looking for you to take him from the 26th of December till the 7th of January if that is possible
George Fettes
Kevin Sherwin@ 12:17pm 20-09-2016
Bobby and borris have been holidaying the for 12 years I,m one of those people who prefer animals to humans and would not trust my babes with any on there catterry
First class service there in there about 4 times a year I love my holidays too.
Picked them up yesterday and there like they've never been away no sulking which means they were happy while there.
The staff know each cat by name my 2 are not very sociable with humans but they even allow the girls there to pet them which is a sign of trust
Portia Macdonald@ 7:43pm 14-09-2016
Thanks for taking such good care of our cat, Stuey, during the Summer. He's a nervous cat, but was clearly well looked after and given cuddles while we were away. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to friends and family.
Gracie Santana@ 9:57pm 08-07-2016
Would you take my cat that is diabetic and needs insulin injections twice a day ?
Trudy N@ 8:04am 30-06-2016
We have been putting our cat in Aberdeen Pet Resort for a couple years now - I would definitely recommend them. The staff are very friendly. Our cat is well looked after during her stay and is always chilled when she comes home.
yuan@ 11:56am 08-05-2016
Hi, do you take dogs as well?
Jordan Potter-scott@ 7:34pm 15-02-2016

Do you board rabbits?


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